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Did You Know? You Can Recycle These Household Items

Recycling is one of the easiest ways anyone can contribute to efforts to preserve the environment. It is the process of collecting ‘trash’ and transforming it into something reusable.

However, many people do not really have a deep understanding of what recycling has to offer. This is one of the reasons many still do not take an interest in the process. On top of that, they are also not aware of all the types of materials and resources that they can recycle.

You can always opt to hire rubbish bin providers in Sydney to take care of your recycling concerns. But it is also important that you, as a homeowner, know the items in your house that you can recycle and reuse. This will not only minimise your waste but also reduce your need to buy new items.

Electronic Appliances

There is no denying that many homeowners are guilty of immediately discarding faulty appliances without second thoughts. But did you know that you could actually have most of their components and parts recycled? You can scavenge for your appliances’ functional parts and then, sell or donate them to steel recycling centres or repair workshops.

Food Waste

Often, people just throw out leftovers. Understandably, food waste is categorised as a biodegradable material that decomposes easily. But your leftovers have other uses as well. For one, you can turn leftover food into a good fertilizer. You can use it to enrich the soil in your home garden or lawn. If you have a decomposer at home, you can add in scraps from your kitchen, as well.

Ink Cartridges

ink cartridges

Not a lot of people are aware, but ink cartridges can be reused. Some sell them in ink retailers and shops, while some online organisations buy used ink cartridges. Better yet, reuse your ink cartridges by having them refilled instead of buying new ones. Ultimately, this can save you money.

Candle Wax

Stop throwing out your melted candles. It is easy to use the wax from these melted candles for making new batches of candles. So instead of discarding them after lighting them up, consider reusing them and creating your own candles at home. Not only are you practising good recycling but you are also reducing household expenses this way.


Among the most recyclable materials in your household are clothing and fabric. Instead of throwing away your used pieces of clothing, let them serve a different purpose. For example, use them as an alternative to gift wrapping papers. You can also use old fabric as bedding for your furry friend.

With the amount of waste we have in our landfills, it is high time that each one of us does our part in protecting the environment. And that is by reducing the waste coming from our household. Recycling is not a difficult task. It can even open doors to starting a business. Many companies have already profited from recyclable materials. All you have to do is look at it from a different perspective.

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