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How Should Bars and Restaurants Choose a POS System?

Point-of-sale (POS) systems help businesses with processing payments, tracking sales and managing inventories, but the prevalence of skimming attacks should prompt owners to consider upgrading to a system that’s compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. When choosing among different bar and restaurant POS systems, you can easily pick the most suitable one based on

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Increasing Productivity Through Salesforce

If you and the whole company is a Salesforce user, then you might have noticed that by now, everyone seems to be a lot more productive, simply because Salesforce has been a huge help when it comes to completing tasks. What if we tell you that you can further increase your productivity by making the

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Organizations and High-Tech Security: Who Benefits The Most?

In the age where almost anything being digitalized, security measures for data protection have also kept up with the times. Organizations take precaution to the next level when it comes to their privacy. From physical security such as access control to 24/7 surveillance, integrating network security has become a necessity.   A study reveals that 71% of

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scientist working with liquid nitrogen

Cryogenics: Maintaining the Nutritional Content Of Fruits And Vegetables

Using cryogenic technology has been proven to be very effective in helping preserve the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. This technology has also made these food items available even during their off-season. One of the oldest methods of preserving foods known to man is by storing them in low-temperature areas. Those who live in

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