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Continuous Learners Need to Maximize the Power of Analog Media

For generations, graduating from secondary school or college heralds the transition from youth’s generally carefree lifestyle into the ‘real world’ of adulthood. And perhaps foremost among the many responsibilities associated with that leap is the need to earn your own paycheck. Each year sees a new batch of graduates joining the workforce and harboring various

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Search Engines: The Science Behind Showing What You Want

We are continually learning and gaining new information throughout most of our lives. From the day that we are born to this very day, we’re learning something new, and we usually incorporate much of this information into our daily lives. In the last few years, learning and adapting to any known problem is easier, especially

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The 5 Best Gadgets to Invest in for a Fast-Paced Life

The world we live in today is highly competitive. We have to work and live smart among various challenges and ever-changing social landscape. Before, gadgets are just for the rich. They are toys of technology that only the monied can afford. Over time, devices were mass-produced so that everyone could use it for work, entertainment,

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Of Portfolios and Online Presence: The First Steps in Freelancing

Because Freelancing is a huge industry. In 2017, 36% of the American workforce are freelancers, annually contributing $1.4 trillion to the economy. It’s such an appealing career option that 63% of freelancers prefer it over day jobs. 51% of freelancers never go back to the regular 9-to-5. This is mostly because of the most defining

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