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The Rising Demand for Hydrogen

Despite its scarcity, hydrogen is the most widely accessible and well-known element in the universe, and its potential as a cleaner power source (essentially a zero-emission fuel) will alter the game. Hydrogen is a clean, lightweight, energy-dense energy that doesn’t generate direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Soil refining, ammonia manufacturing, methanol manufacturing, and steel manufacturing

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The U.S. Government Is Helping Fight Climate Change, But Is It Enough?

Time isn’t on our side when fighting climate change. As the days pass by, we’re only making our situation worse. Thankfully, many governments worldwide, including the U.S. government, are finding ways to fight climate change. It is still unknown whether this will stop this destructive force from consuming the planet, but at least our country

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New Technologies That are Shaping Emergency Medicine

Improving medical emergency response and preventing more untimely deaths rely on the continuous development of medical technology. From telemedicine to blood clot accelerators, modern medical technologies are rapidly emerging and pushing the healthcare industry forward by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but modern technology is also making healthcare professionals’ jobs easier, helping them attend to

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Continuous Learners Need to Maximize the Power of Analog Media

For generations, graduating from secondary school or college heralds the transition from youth’s generally carefree lifestyle into the ‘real world’ of adulthood. And perhaps foremost among the many responsibilities associated with that leap is the need to earn your own paycheck. Each year sees a new batch of graduates joining the workforce and harboring various

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