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Construction safety equipment

The History of Protective Workwear

Workplace safety has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution when hundreds of workers each month — in factories, construction sites, and mines — would be injured or die on the job. Much of the improvements made over the years, including the creation of government offices in charge of overseeing occupational safety and health,

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Woman being examined by doctor

How to Exercise Safely During Cancer Recovery

One of the most common questions cancer patients ask is when the right time to get back to exercising is. According to many oncologists, you can get back to exercising as soon as you feel better. The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that working out can help lower the side effects of cancer treatment such

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Garbage bag being held

Think Green: Home Waste Management

According to statistics, Utah produces over four million tons of both commercial and industrial waste every year. With numbers that seem so depressing and a problem that appears so insuperable, what can an average citizen contribute to making a difference in this ever-worsening dilemma? You would be surprised at how just managing your waste goes

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Worker of municipal recycling garbage collector truck loading waste and trash bin

Why We Need Waste Management and Recycling

Experts from both private and government sectors, such as environmental scientists, waste company consultants, solid waste and recycling analysts, and others would have to work together to create a cost-efficient plan to manage the waste produced by a single locale. This task requires logistical planning and profound scientific knowledge of the environmental impact of the

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