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Remote Learning: How to Create the Perfect Study-at-home Setup for Your Kid

The recent pandemic has pushed different states in Australia to create lockdown restrictions. And while some states, like Melbourne, are easing restrictions, it’s still dangerous for people from other households to gather. The country still has more than 20,000 active COVID-19 cases, and that number is growing slightly. There’s no definite cure or vaccine for

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Is It True That Student Loans Go Away After Not Paying for 7 Years?

For many college graduates, student loans will continue to be a burden long after their college days. Across the United States, almost 45 million citizens have student loan debt with an average of $32,731 in loans – that’s a $1.56 trillion total debt in 2020! With such a huge national loan (the second-largest overall loan

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Learn a New Hobby: the Most Productive Activities for Adults

What is your hobby? Most people have something that they love to do and help them unwind after a stressful week. Some read books; others listen to music. Many love to watch a movie or a television series on Netflix. There are tons of hobbies out there, but only a few are productive. They can

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