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Essential Wardrobe Investments for the Budding Entrepreneur

You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up, gather investors, and establish a loyal clientele. You have everything that makes a successful entrepreneur. Well, not everything—you don’t have the wardrobe to match. Dressing seems unimportant in the world of business and money and numbers, but best believe that it plays a huge

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Failed business

What to Do After a Failed Business Venture?

It is important to understand the reality of doing business. Not everyone gets it right the first time. It is important that you are realistic about it — that no matter how well-detailed your plan is, there are still chances that it could fail. If you are starting a venture or a small shop for

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How Does Venmo Make Money?

In this growing digital era, cashless transactions are becoming more popular. With the market opening up for other forms of banks and money payments, Venmo is becoming one of the leading forms of mobile payment services in the US. As of writing, the digital wallet app has over 40 million active users – outnumbering most

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6 Ways to Grow Your Plumbing Business

When you own a plumbing business or any other type of contractor company, for that matter, you’ll probably know how challenging it is to expand your business. There are numerous competitors, problems, and limitations that you have to overcome to achieve growth. Nevertheless, growing your plumbing business is very much possible–you just have to know

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