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4th Industrial Revolution

Is Your Business Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Humankind has come a long way since the dawn of time, from hunter-gather societies utilizing stone tools, the first-ever factory introducing assembly lines, to our current day where the digital revolution reigns supreme. And no matter how far you look back to our history, our species is defined by progress and innovation, relentless creatures who

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website design on different devices

8 Reasons Good Digital Design Matters for Your Business

COVID-19 has forever changed the business and online world and how they relate to each other. Consumers are spending more time online. A study in Canada revealed that online shopping doubled during the pandemic. It was projected that there would be two billion online shoppers by 2020. With more businesses going online than ever before, it’s

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Top Ways to Build a Successful and Fulfilling Career

Becoming successful in their chosen career is everybody’s dream. Whether you are in your current job because of money or you’re looking for fulfillment and purpose, you want to climb up the ladder fast to achieve your goals while earning more at the same time. It is when you can say that you have nothing

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The Art of Self-Promotion: Packaging Yourself in the Digital Age

A well-curated Instagram grid, a stellar LinkedIn profile, a stylish website brimming with personal accolades—if you want to make strides in your career, you have to know how to build a powerful personal brand. In this hyperconnected world, nothing is more important than the online image. That is your key to expanding your network, landing

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