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Tech Skills Entrepreneurs Should Learn

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. You’re the CEO, the CFO, the COO, and sometimes even the janitor too. With so many balls to keep in the air, it’s easy to let some things fall by the wayside. But there is one area you can’t afford to neglect: technology. In today’s business world, tech

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The Essentials of a Successful Clothing Line

Fashion is a lucrative industry. The industry is expected to have made over a trillion dollars worldwide and is constantly growing. The main reason for this growth is that people always seek to update their wardrobes and express themselves through clothing. One major player in the fashion industry is the luxury market. Brands like Louis

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Top Tips for Growing Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry is booming, and there’s no better time to be in the health business. If you’re looking to grow your healthcare business, here are a few top tips to get you started. Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With an aging population and advances in

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6 Ways to Minimize Downtime in Manufacturing

Downtime is expensive. The cost of unplanned downtime in manufacturing can range from $22k/hour to $1 million+/day, depending on the industry. And while some amount of downtime is inevitable, there are ways to minimize its impact on your business. But before moving forward, let’s understand downtime in more detail. What is Downtime in Manufacturing? Downtime

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