August 13, 2019

Closeup of a car key on an auto insurance policy

Matters Auto Insurance | Torn Between Personal & Commercial Policies?

Personal and commercial auto insurance are different policies, but, ideally, on paper, they come off as almost the same. And, most individuals and small and medium-sized business encounter situations that make it even more unclear about which of the two policies to buy. Yet, not so many insurance firms or brokers address the fine line

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Claim form

Auto Accident Claims: All About Pain and Suffering Damage Awards

If you are planning on filing a personal injury claim after sustaining injuries from an auto accident, you’re probably trying to figure out how much damages you can receive for your claim. The cost of lost wages and medical treatment are typically part of claims settlements and verdicts. But the most substantial element of damages

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sales team

Increasing Productivity Through Salesforce

If you and the whole company is a Salesforce user, then you might have noticed that by now, everyone seems to be a lot more productive, simply because Salesforce has been a huge help when it comes to completing tasks. What if we tell you that you can further increase your productivity by making the

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